Windows and Siding

10 Mistakes People Make When Installing Windows and Siding

Windows and siding are two critical aspects of a home. Without proper windows and siding, a home wouldn’t be insulated and protected from external forces. That being said, it’s extremely important to maintain and repair windows and siding on a regular basis. But, sometimes people make a few mistakes along the way of repairing or installing new windows and siding. Continue reading to learn about these mistakes so you can avoid doing them!

1.) Using Cheap Materials

We cannot stress this enough: do not purchase cheap materials. While cheap materials might lessen the initial cost, they are only going to give you more problems in the future. Ultimately, you will end up spending more money in the future on new materials if you decide to go with cheap materials. So, save your time and wallet from cheap materials, and pick materials that have quality.

2.) Improperly Measuring

When installing siding and windows, every little bit of material makes a difference. You would be surprised of how much even a half of an inch can influence what siding or a window looks like. Therefore, measuring definitely isn’t a step you want to rush.

3.) Skipping Prep Work

While prep work often seems like a ton of unnecessary work before the real work begins, it’s actually extremely important. If you don’t take the time to properly prep, you could end up with a mess that’s too chaotic to fix while you’re working.

4.) Using Wrong Tools

While finding and purchasing the right tools to install new siding and replace windows might be difficult and pricy, it’s extremely important that you purchase the right tools. There is a reason why there are specific tools to install certain aspects of your home. Do not ignore these reasons.

5.) Worrying Too Much about Trends

While trends are great for inspiration, they shouldn’t be followed just because they’re trends. It’s not a secret that trends last for a short amount of time, then disappear to be replaced by new trends. That being said, don’t install a specific type of window or use a specific siding material just because it’s trendy. Choose materials and designs because you truly like them.

6.) Choosing Wrong Windows

Believe it or not, specific types of windows are meant for specific types of homes. Different designs are meant for different purposes and homes with a variety of aspects and square footage. For example, a large coastal window isn’t the best idea for a compact style home with a shorter ceiling. Like the last tip, don’t choose windows just because they looked gorgeous in another home. Choose the windows that fit your home.

7.) Neglecting Safety

The most important thing to remember when replacing windows and installing siding is to remain safe. If you need to cut something, you should wear goggles. When you’re using nails and placing materials, you should wear gloves. If you use any noisy machinery, you should wear ear plugs or another ear protectant. Finally, remember to wear a sturdy pair of shoes you can move in.

8.) Not Researching

Doing any type of construction work is dangerous and meticulous. You shouldn’t blindly attempt it. Instead, spend an adequate amount of time researching the ins and outs of how to replace windows and install new siding.

9.) Ignoring Overall Style

This is another stylistic mistake people often make. Instead of adhering to their home’s style, they choose something because it is trendy or looked good in another home. For example, a Spanish-styled home isn’t going to look great with craftsman-style siding or windows.

10.) Doing It Yourself

Overall, installing new siding and replacing windows should be done by a professional like Evergreen Construction Solutions. Don’t risk your money, time, and life by attempting to do it yourself, and call a professional today!