Roofers in Salisbury

Roofers in Salisbury

When you need a roofer in Salisbury, you could pull a handyman off the street or one that has an ad in the local paper. After a storm, someone may pull up in a pick-up truck and promise to repair your roof for so much money. You are  desperate and they promise to get started right away. Sounds good, you need your roof repaired. You agree to front the money for the needed materials and half of the labor upfront with the balance at the end of the job.  The handyman and his assistant come the next day, work until noon and leave for lunch. You cannot reach them because the telephone number he gave you has been disconnected.  You do not see them again until Friday when the person you hired wants to be paid again. The fact that that he has not performed the work you have already paid him for does not seem to matter to him. He has more excuses than a stray dog has fleas.

You could put yourself through the ordeal described above when you need roofers in Salisbury, or you can call Evergreen Construction Solutions. Evergreen Construction Solutions is an established company located in Charlotte. Evergreen is not a handyman company; they are professional builders with professional roofers. When you need roofers in Salisbury, Evergreen Construction Solutions is the answer.  Evergreen has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Evergreen is also proud of the five star rating from Home Advisor.

Roofing is Important

Roofing is an important undertaking, not everyone has the skill, experience, equipment, and dedication to do a quality job. If you do not hire the right roofer, you can open yourself up for more than a bad roofing job, which is bad enough. Evergreen Construction Solutions is a responsible business that maintains worker’s compensation. Why is that important? If that handyman is injured on your property, what is to prevent him from trying to make you pay for his carelessness?

Evergreen Construction Solutions, Real Roofers in Salisbury.

Evergreen Construction Solutions is dedicated to providing quality roofing to their customers. Roofing is important. You want your roof to be attractive and to perform the job it is intended to perform. That job is to provide a moisture proof barrier between your house and the elements. In addition, the right roof can help you save on heating and cooling bills. Many people in Salisbury say they are willing to work on your roof. However, roofing is too important to just get someone who works on roofs. When you need roof work in Salisbury, get a real roofer in Salisbury. Evergreen Construction Solutions is composed of professionals who are responsible and deliver quality service. When you call us, you do not get a recorded message informing you the telephone has been disconnected, you get us and we will provide a solution when you need roofers in Salisbury.