Gutter Repair Charlotte

When to Repair Your Gutter in Charlotte

Although cleaning your gutters is extremely important, sometimes a gutter cleaning won’t fix all of your problems. Here are five signs you should opt for a gutter repair in Charlotte!

1.) Peeling Paint

One of the most obvious signs that you need a gutter repair in Charlotte is if the paint is peeling on your gutter. Peeling paint is usually an indication that too much water is present and causing issues. Ultimately, the paint is peeling because your gutters are beginning to rust.

2.) Visible Cracks or Splits

Another obvious indication that you need a gutter repair in Charlotte is if your gutters have visible cracks or splits. Although small cracks and splits aren’t a serious problem, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Any visible cracks or splits usually indicate an old and deteriorating gutter. If gutter cracks or splits are left unattended, water could eventually seep through and cause larger cracks and splits, as well as water damage.

3.) Excess Water

Another way to determine if you need a gutter repair in Charlotte is to look at the bottom of your gutters. If you notice large pools of water, this usually means your gutters aren’t correctly depositing water. Like many of the other signs in the list, if you don’t hire a professional, water could seep into your home’s foundation and cause a ton of damage.

4.) Water Damage or Marks

Speaking of water damage, if you notice any water damage inside your gutters or house, this is an obvious indication that you need a gutter repair. Typically, water damage can be identified by any water marks or excess moisture where there shouldn’t be.

5.) Sagging or Loose Gutters

If your gutters are in extremely bad condition, they will most likely be loose and saggy. Loose or saggy gutters usually means the entire structure of your gutter is ruined. Unfortunately, this can only be fixed with a gutter repair.

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