Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Gutter Cleaning and Repair Tips

It’s important for homeowners to know how to clean and repair their gutters. After all, gutters are the main force protecting homes from excess water and the issues that come along with excess moisture. So, continue reading for a few gutter cleaning and repair tips!

1.) Use a Ladder Safely

This is one of the most important gutter cleaning and repair tips. When you clean or repair your gutter, you should always use a ladder safely. This means that you should pick a sturdy ladder that you feel safe and secured on. The ladder you choose should also have a small shelf that you can use to place your equipment.

The two recommended types of ladders are fiberglass ladders and aluminum ladders. You should stay away from wooden or orchard ladders because they can easily become unbalanced.

Prior to ascending your ladder, make sure to inspect it for any defects or loose screws. Once you open your ladder, make sure you have secured it in place and it is fully extended. Ideally, you should have someone with you who can stay near the ladder and help you in case anything happens.

2.) Use a Hose

The next gutter cleaning and repair tip is to use a hose with a pistol-grip spray nozzle. This type of spray nozzle is easy to operate with one hand, and adjusts water pressure with just a quick switch. Also, you can easily hang your hose on the side of your ladder or gutter while you adjust your position or remove any gunk from your gutter.

3.) Invest in a Gutter Scoop

Another important gutter cleaning and repair tip is to invest in a gutter scoop. A gutter scoop is a simple plastic scoop that can be found at almost every hardware store. This plastic scoop is created in a way that makes it easy to scrape any gunk out of your gutters while avoiding any damage, such as scratches, which a metal scoop would cause.

4.) Practice Safety

While many people know the basic equipment needed for gutter cleaning and repair, they often don’t acknowledge safety equipment. You should be wearing special gloves, eye protection, and rubber boots.

While you might not be scooping gunk out of your gutters with your bare hands, your hands will still be around dangerous equipment. That’s why it’s important to wear suede gloves that are thick. These gloves will prevent your hands from contracting any bacteria or being poked by any metal shards.

Eye protection is also important because you never know what could possibly fly towards your face. While you spray the hose down your gutters, there is a chance of gunk flying towards your face. Also, there’s the possibility of bugs or animals living in your gutters. These bugs or animals could potentially swarm towards you. So, it’s best that your eyes are protected.

Lastly, you should wear rubber boots because they are the best shoes for preventing slipping accidents. You are most likely going to need to walk on your roof, and rubber shoes will adhere to your roof the best.

5.) Start on the Roof

Since there will most likely be debris on your roof, start by cleaning the roof first. If you forget to clean your roof first, extra debris from your roof could fly into your newly clean gutters, which is counterproductive.

6.) Schedule Cleanings

After you clean your gutter, check it off your calendar and schedule another gutter cleaning or repair for the future. For reference, you should clean your gutter twice a year. If you really want to keep your gutter in good condition, alternate cleaning your gutter with a professional such as Evergreen Construction Solutions.